The Terrace

Welcome to the Terrace of Dramaten


Monday 9/7 Butterfried cod with shrimps, asparagus and dill mayonnaise Ox brisket with horseradish sauce and boiled new potatoes Tuesday 10/7 Grilled salmon with capers mayonnaise and fennel crudité Coarsly-ground smoked sausage with parsley creamed potatoes and redbeet Wednesday 11/7 Herb and panko baked coalfish with mached potatoes and lemon Loin of pork with roasted potatoes, tarragon mayonnaise and rocket salad Thursday 12/7 Fish casserole with aioli and croutons Beef burger á la Lindström, redbeet, capers and onion, garlic butter and roasted potatoes Friday 13/7 Poached cold salmon, with lemon mayonnaise and boiled new potatoes Slowly coocked pork side with grilled lemon, olives and artichocke This week's vegetarian Chèvre salad with roasted beetroot, almonds and honey vinaigrette   The Terrace is Cash Free LUNCH A LA CARTE Shrimp sandwich Shrimps, rye bread, egg, lemon and dill 185:- Lime cheese cake with fresh berries 145:- Chocolate truffle 45:-  



FRESH SHRIMPS with bread, aioli and lemon 250 g 195 kr TOAST SKAGEN Shrimps with mayonnaise and dill, topped with bleak row, grilled sourdough bread and lemon 125 g 195 kr CHARCUTERIE Mangalic, Sobrasada, Chorizo Iberico Bellota, Salchichon Vela, Morbier with aioli, tapenade, bread and artichoke 195 kr STEAK TARTAR with capers, red onion, dijon mustard, red beet and egg yolk 135 kr PICKLED HERRING SANDWICH Dark rye bread, sliced boiled potato, red onion, chive and whipped crème fraîche 75 kr


SHRIMP SALAD shrimps, avocado, egg, lemon and dill mayonnaise 185 kr CAESAR SALAD with chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing 195 kr VÄSTERBOTTENCHEESE PIE with green asparagus and herb salad 175 kr


LIME CHEESE CAKE with fresh berries 145 kr RHUBARB- & STRAWBERRY CRUMBLE with vanilla custard 95 kr CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE 45 kr Please talk to the staff if you have food allergy. The Terrace is Cash Free